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Natalie + Reece - Samsonvale Hall, Mt Samson

Updated: Jan 10, 2022

What advice would you give another bride or groom that's planning their special day?

Don’t stress the small stuff! There’s a 99% chance that something will go wrong on your wedding day but it always works itself out and makes for a great story to tell about your wedding day. All you need to focus on is marrying the love of your life and everything else just falls together.

If we could do it all again, we’d tell ourselves…

The time goes so quick so just enjoy and soak in every moment.

Tell us a little about your day...

The whole wedding planning was all quite stressful, just a few weeks out we were put into Queensland’s hardest lockdown and weren’t sure when it would be lifted. When it did lift, restrictions were still in place which prevented most of our guests from coming and no ones could dance. Thankfully just 2 weeks out from our wedding, all restrictions on weddings were lifted so all our guests were able to celebrate the day with us and boogy all night long. We thought all our bad luck had ended until the day of, Natalie’s hair and makeup artists she hired never arrived for their 8:30am start. After panics attacks, bridesmaids frantically searching for an alternative option and praying nothing else goes wrong, my bridesmaids were able to find some local artists who did an absolutely fantastic job with the short amount of time they had to get the bride, 3 bridesmaids and mother of the bride ready before the wedding started. Aside from the little hiccups, the day turned out to be an amazing day, sun was shining, all our guests were there to celebrate with us and everyone had an great time. There was laughter, happy tears, cheering, dancing and so much more, what more could we have asked for.

What were the highlights? The things you are SO HAPPY you decided to do ?

The highlight to our day was definitely choosing Isla to be our photographer. She was patient, kind, professional and guided us to be able to get the best shots possible, no matter how uncoordinated my partner and I were. The sneak peak

s we received the day after the wedding were absolutely breath taking and we’re so excited to receive the rest. Isla was also heavily commended for her professionalism and laid back feel by all our guests. I can’t thank Isla enough for the amazing job she did on our wedding day and all the communication leading up to it, 10/10 would recommend!

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