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Elisha + Oliver - RACV Royal Pines

What advice would you give another bride or groom that's planning their special day? Keep calm! Everything will fall into place! What is meant to be will be!

If we could do it all again, we’d tell ourselves…

Don’t listen to what others have to say about the way you want your wedding because it is going to turn out exactly the way you want it.

Tell us a little about your day...

Oliver and I decided to have a small intimate wedding with majority family and a few close friends. We had our ceremony at the botanical gardens on the Gold Coast. Followed by our reception at the RACV royal pines. The day was SO relaxing. We got to just enjoy being around everyone that means a lot to us, and just got to take it all in. Honestly couldn’t have imagined our day any different.

What were the highlights?

The things you are SO HAPPY you decided to do ? Oliver and myself are so glad we spent the money to get a professional wedding

photographer. At first, we hesitated as our wedding was only going to be small etc… However, looking back on the photos we are so glad we did. The photos are not only incredible, they will forever hold beautiful memories of our special day that one day our future kids will be able to look over! We also are so happy we did our wedding the way WE wanted to do it.


Celebrant // Marry Me Please

Gold Coast Wedding Photography

Gold Coast Wedding Photographer

RACV Royal Pines Wedding photographer

RACV Royal Pines Wedding Photography


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