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Thank you so much for booking in a call with us. Isla cannot wait to chat with you guys!

  1. Please respect our time: Please be prepared and have the time available for this call to take place. If you need to reschedule, just let us know or change the date/time when the confirmation email comes through. 

  2. Attendance: You don't both need to be present, but it's nice of you can be: If one of you cant make it, thats totally fine! You can still take the call with just one of you present. 

  3. Environment: Take the call in a quiet environment where you can be focused: Please don't take the call while driving, or out in public. As we cover some pretty valuable things, we appreciate having your full attention. 

  4. ​Preparation: Have questions ready, It can help to have questions pre-prepared so we can cover any areas of concern on the call. 

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